Study Days @ the Heffner Alumni House

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Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 7 am – 3 am
Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 7 am – 3 am

What is Study Days?

Study Days @ the Heffner Alumni House opens the Heffner Alumni House during study days as a place for students to study during final exams. This unique location provides space for different study habits and group meetings.

This program is very popular amongst students because of the unique study atmosphere and high level of customer service provided throughout the two days.

What does the Heffner Alumni House provide?

The Heffner Alumni House will be setup to accommodate all study preferences. Each room provides for a different type of study atmosphere. Come and check it out! Click here for more room descriptions.

  • Great Room - Semi Quiet - Lounge space with couches and chairs as well as a variety of tables and chairs.
  • Alumni Conference Center (Lower Level) - Quiet area a variety of tables and chairs.
  • Meeting Rooms - You can reserve a meeting room for a group project or group study session.
  • Dining Room - Reserved for ALAC group sessions. During times of no session, the room will be available as semi-quiet study space.
  • Library - Located on the main level of the Heffner Alumni House, provides a place to study with a TV and two computers. The room is setup lounge style with a table for 6. First come-first serve.

Wireless internet is available in the Heffner Alumni House. The building is also equipped with several Ethernet connections throughout.

Parking - All Rensselaer parking rules remain in effect for the study days. Since it is a weekend, parking is allowed in the Heffner Alumni House parking lot. Street parking is also available on a limited basis.

Seating - A variety of soft seat tables and chairs, leather couches and chairs are available throughout the building.

flavourFree Coffee and Snacks - Hospitality Services will be the provider of the coffee throughout the program. Coffee is sponsored by the Red & White Student Organization. There will also be snacks available. We hope this helps to make your preparation for your finals more bearable!


Study Days @ the Heffner Alumni House received a CASE ASAP District Award in 2013 for Outstanding External Program for Study Days in 2013 and a 2008 CASE District II Accolade Award for outstanding program.


The Heffner Alumni House is located on the corner of 14th St. and Peoples Ave.

HAH Directions

The office of alumni relations offers other student programs for you. Click here for more information.

Thank You

We would like to thank all of students who utilize the Study Days @ the Heffner Alumni House!

Fall 2013 Statistics

Monday Attendees (Unique) - 304
Tuesday Attendees (Unique) - 281

What Class Years are Attending (Both Days Combined) - 
Grad - 13
2013 - 28
2014 - 187
2015 - 169
2016 - 117
2017 - 69
2018 - 2

On/Off Campus (Both Days Combined) - 
On - 283
Off - 302

Room Reservation

To reserve a small confernece room for small team meetings, click here.

Rooms can be booked for one two-hour session per day.


For more information, contact the Executive Director of Campus Relations, Christopher Lee.